Tracy Symes

Purchasing Manager
Dacro Industries Inc.

"2K2 Cleaning has been providing janitorial services to Dacro Industries for a number of years now.  They do a great job and a walk through is done on a regular basis making sure cleaning crew is doing what is required of them.  I am very happy with the level of service provided and looking forward to a long term supplier relationship."

Holly Touring

Supervisor, Fleet Administration
Valard Construction Ltd.

"Valard Construction has been using 2K2 since January of 2012. We hired them to clean our offices and shop, which is located in an industrial area which can be very gritty, sandy and filthy to say the least! We were so impressed by the standard of cleanliness Karen Robb expects of her staff, that we didn’t hesitate to hire them to clean the much larger facility that we built next door in July 2013. 2K2 handles both properties to this day, and I can honestly say in 5+ years of working with Karen Robb I haven’t had any problems. Anything minor that has arisen has been dealt with swiftly and professionally. Karen herself is an absolute pleasure to deal with. From time to time we have hired 2K2 to perform additional services for our two shops including outdoor window cleaning, and floor waxing and sealing. I’ve been very pleased with the results. Karen is very hands on, she regularly stops by to top up supplies and evaluate the job her staff performs. Based on our dealings with previous cleaning companies 2K2 Cleaning is head and shoulders above others we’ve used, both in quality of service and value for dollar. I can't say enough about 2K2 and Karen Robb, I wish all vendors we worked with were as professional and diligent as this company.  Valard Construction looks forward to our continued relationship with 2K2 Janitorial."

Donna Harp

Welding & Fabrication.

"2K2 Janitorial have been responsible for the cleaning of our building for many years, and I'm very happy with the standard of their work. They are pleasant to deal with and conduct regular checkups to ensure that the cleaning staff are performing to their high standards. The level of service provided is above and beyond any other cleaning company."

"2K2 Cleaning does an excellent job keeping our offices clean, despite the fact we are attached to a welding shop! The cleaner is professional and provides a thorough clean - Karen keeps in touch to ensure that we are happy with the cleaning services or if there are any issues. We recommend them to any company that is looking for consistent and professional cleaning services."

Angela Horneman

Seabox Depot